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MENS Pea Coat.org offers the latest name brand, premium quality mens pea coats to keep you snug from the wind and cold, stylish, and enhance any mans wardrobe.

Fall and winter weather brings on the wind, cold, and rain so nows a good time as any to get that great looking overcoat for this season. Mind you, as much as you want to look fashionable with your choice of pea coats, your winter overcoat should keep you warm from the climate aswell.

Mens pea coats, even today continues to be a classic apparel in mens wardrobe for fall and winter wearing. Originally worn by european sea men and merchants, they were commonly manufucatured from heavy duty wool material to keep the sailors warm on their sea travel voyages.

The term 'pea coat' was coined from the either Dutch or Frisan word 'pijjjakker' which referred to the type of coarse cloth the coat was made from. It was not until the 18th century the phrase 'pea coat' or 'pea jacket' started being used.

By early 20th century, the U.S. navy started utilizing these wool overcoats for their sailors. Interestingly, pea coats are known as pilot jackets in the Belgian Navy, and the United Kingdom refers to the pea overcoat as a reefer jackets worn by their Royal Navy.

The traditional mens pea coat is short to hip length, made of heavy wool material, and classic navy blue in color modeled to keep the body warm. Tailored with broad lapels, and large buttons in the front, the Mens pea coats come in single and classic double breasted construction.

Todays Mens pea coats come in basic colors inlcuding the traditional navy blue, black, gray, and brown, and made of wool material, varying in 20 to 30 ounces. The classic lines and structure of the pea coat continues even todays trends and remains a popular choice for a versatile and fashionable overcoat for men.

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